The middle, secondary and senior secondary school from classes VI to XII is divided into six houses- Arjuna, Karna, Krishna, Sree Rama, Markandeya and Vasishta. Every student is enrolled as a member of one of these houses and is expected to participate in all the inter house activities in the true spirit of competitiveness with zeal an enthusiasm.

Bhavan’s Infosys Cultural Outreach Programme (Puppet Show & Puppet making)

In a bid to revive the dying arts, a leather puppet show and puppet making was organized on 09th September, 2019 in collaboration with Infosys Foundation. A troupe of five members from Nimmalakunta, Anantapur district visited the school to entertain the audience. They were fully geared with a number of stringed leather puppets and musical instruments.

In connection with ‘Cultural Outreach Programme’ a workshop on water colour Atelier was held on 4th November, 2019.